Announcement on Another Boiler Production Base

To all our distinguished customers:

To expand our production capacity and improve our competitiveness, our mother company Devotion Group acquired Changzhou Boiler Co.,Ltd (hereinafter called Changzhou Boiler) in May 2018 for 100% shares.

Changzhou Boiler has a history of 48 years,  holding “Class A” boiler manufacturing license, “A2” pressure vessel design qualification and manufacturing approval, authorization of using ASME “U”&”S”stamp, it is well-noted manufacturer in Chinese boiler industry and autoclaves. It enjoys good name abroad, too. As the second manufacturing base for industrial boilers, Changzhou Boiler has already started making boiler products under the brand of “DEVOTION”.

Such being the case, we hereby officially announce that our boiler products will be made by both Guangzhou Devotion Thermal Facility Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. We guarantee that the above mentioned two companies will adopt the same production process, use the same materials and techniques, and the quality of the products made by them will be equivalently good.