Industrial Autoclave

Application of autoclave The autoclave is large steam curing equipment. It can be used for steam curing sand bricks, fly ash bricks, aerated concrete blocks, high strength cement electric pole, concrete piles and other cement products. Besides, it can also be used for wood, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, glass, insulation materials and fishing net processing industries. Features In collaboration with Shanghai Jiatong University, our company has undertaken finite element analysis and stress tests on the autoclaves and consummated the strength calculation. Devotion autoclaves are designed, manufactured and inspected according to German AD codes or ASME standards. It has won 3rd class prize of National Scientific & Technological Progress. The autoclaves are made off assembly line by full automatic welding. The general structure is reasonable with complete accessories. Manual or computer controlled operation is available per customers’ request with stable, reliable quality, short installation period. Diameter of the autoclaves ranges from 0.6-3.5M with manually opened, hydraulically opened, electrically opened, clamp autoclaves etc. The layout comes with two types, top open, and side open. Autoclaves with Φ2*21M is a National Silver Prize products in the region.

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